birdkids THE BATELEUR System

birdkids THE BATELEUR System

The Bateleur System offers the complete Bateleur Series in a compact 42HP case to a special low price and consists of following parts:

- birdkids Power Midi: power supply via USB which simultaneously acts as a USB-MIDI to CV/gate/Clock interface with 16Bit resolution

- birdkids ADSR Multimode Envelope: a digital A(H)DSR envelope generator with looping function and retrigger

- birdkids Bateleur VCO, a discrete analog high-end oscillaotr with integrated 4-pole filter

- birdkids VCO expander, adding resonance control, FM and a VCA

- birdkids Mixer/Noise: four-channel mixer with integrated noise generator

This all comes in a Frap Tools Plus case - a rugged enclosure in 42HP width, with nice wooden cheeks.

HP : 42



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