birdkids Envelope Generator

birdkids Envelope Generator

The ADSR envelope from Birdkids offers high flexibility. It comes equipped with six modes of operation, three curve shapes and variable ranges for attack, decay and release stages.

The module occupies only 4HP in a Eurorack case. Besides a gate input, the CV output and four potentiometers for adjusting attack, decay, sustain and release stages, the Birdkids envelope has two illuminated buttons plus LEDs on its front panel. These components can be used to toggle between several modes of operation and to edit additional parameters. In detail, the module offers the following modes of operation:

  • Mode 1a: One-shot ADSR
  • Mode 1b: AD envelope with loop function during sustain phase
  • Mode 1c: ADSR with loop function
  • Mode 2a: One-shot AHDSR
  • Mode 2b: AHD envelope with loop function during sustain phase
  • Mode 2c: AHDSR with loop function Curve shapes: Linear, logarithmic, exponential Timing settings: Short, middle, long

width: 4 HP connectors: Gate In, CV Out

HP : 4

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