Synthesis Technology E330 Multi VCO

Synthesis Technology E330 Multi VCO

The E330 is a digital oscillator with three very different synthesis methods and two voltage controllable "effect inputs". The module provides two simultaneous outputs (OUT 1 and OUT 2), that change based on the MODE selected. Each output has an independent, corresponding modulation CV input and initial panel setting.

The three modes of the E330 are:

  • two-operator FM
  • Wavetable synthesis with a selection of waves from the E350 Morphing Terrarium in Z.Morph mode
  • Cloud oscillator with the four-oscillator mode of the E340 Cloud Generator (both with sines and sawtooths)

Power consumption: 50mA at +12 V and 15mA at -12 V

Depth: 32mm

HP : 14

Article n°

  • STE330


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