Synthesis Technology E352 Cloud Terrarium

Synthesis Technology E352 Cloud Terrarium

The digital oscillator E352 Cloud Terrarium combines the synthesis algorithms of E340 Cloud Generator and E350 Morphing Terrarium in one module.

Compared to the classics, the new circuit features a multitude of improvements, for instance a more modern processor, waveforms with higher resolution, wavetable import options and a color TFT display.

The Morphing Terrarium algorithms are specialized in wavetable synthesis. All in all, 192 basic waveforms are available. Via a microSD card slot, users can import their own wavetables. While working with its cloud algorithms, the E352 combines eight waveforms / wavetables to create sound. A LFO mode allows users to employ the module as a complex CV source. The Cloud Terrarium's results range from soft to harsh, sometimes metallic sounds. Supersaw rave pads and gigantic walls of sound can be produced easily as well.

  • 1 V per octave input
  • Fm and sync inputs
  • CV X, CV Y and CV Z inputs
  • Two signal outputs
  • microSD card slot


Power consumption: 65mA at +12 V and 24mA at -12 V

Depth: 37mm

HP : 26

Article n°

  • STE352


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