Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO silver

Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO silver

Four pack of high-end oscillators – The E370 Quad Morphing VCO is composed of four top-class oscillators with wavetable, FM and cloud synthesis.

It uses improved algorithms from the E350 Morphing Terrarium, E340 Cloud Generator and the E330 Multimode VCO. The oscillators can be employed separately, as a polyphonic setup, in packs of two or as one mighty unison voice. Additionally, there is a chord mode.

28 potentiometers, 24 connectors, a rotary encoder with click function, a pin sharp TFT display and “shallow depth” menu structures make editing a breeze. – There is even an oscilloscope mode built-in. Via the E370’s MicroSD card slot, it is possible to manage presets and feed the module with self-made wavetables. - A masterpiece!

Power consumption: 105mA at +12 V and 32mA at -12 V

Depth: 41,9mm

HP : 54

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  • STE370



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