Animal Factory Pedal Pit Viper V2

Keeping the base circuit and tone identical to the well-loved original, we added two 3-way switches that extend its functionality:

The MODE switch sets the minimum gain of the pedal, allowing for a greater clean range - should you want it. The MIDS switch switches between the original low-cut response to a full range and deep bass response, making it useful for bass guitars, synths and drum machines with a strong sub. The objective is true tonal flexibility that helps you stand out, loud and proud, on whatever source you run through the pedal.

In a drastic shift from our beginnings, we've marked the controls with more functional labels so you don't have to read the manual (but it helps if you do!). Last but not least, the 2019 revision of Pit Viper sports a laser etched black finish for improved readability with a hypnotic new design by Aniruddh Mehta.

Using the HARD and SOFT switches in tandem with the control knobs allows you to dial in varied diode clipping and compression textures. What's more, the Pit Viper stacks superbly with other overdrives and sounds equally good on solid-state or tube amps.




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