Doepfer MCV4 MIDI-to-CV Interface NO PS

MCV4 is a budget-priced MIDI-to-CV-Interface to control vintage monophonic synthesizers via MIDI.

MCV4 is provided with 4 analog control voltage outputs (CV1...4) and one Gate/Trigger output.

  • 4 analog control voltages CV1...CV4
  • voltage range for CV1...4: 0...+5V, 8 Bit resolution (equivalent to 1/4 semitone resolution)
  • CV1 for pitch control (normally VCO CV)
  • CV2...4 for voltage control of other functions (e.g. VCF frequency, loudness, modulation)
  • MIDI control of CV1..4: - CV1: note on/off with pitch-bend, 1V/octave characteristic - CV2 monophic after-touch - CV3 velocity and/or volumen (controller #7) - CV4 velocity and/or any controller (setting of the controller number via learn button)
  • pitch-bend is used for CV1 generation with 1/4 semitone resolution
  • gate output type can be selected via jumper inside the device between voltage trigger (+5V or power supply voltage) and S-trigger (switched trigger)
  • MIDI channel and reference note for CV1=0V adjustable via learn button
  • different assign modes for CV1 (highest note, last note, reference note)
  • retrigger on/off while playing legato
  • gate/trigger polarity normal/inverted
  • two 1/4" stereo jack sockets for CV1/2 and CV3/4
  • 1/4" mono jack socket for gate/trigger
  • learn button with LED for adjusting MIDI channel, reference note for CV1, controller for CV4
  • optical display of gate/trigger via LED
  • MIDI-In, MIDI-Thru
  • non-volatile memory for parameter settings
  • external AC adapter for power supply (not included!)



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  • DOMCV4noPS


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