Synthesis Technology E300 Ultra VCO black

Synthesis Technology E300 Ultra VCO black

The E300 is nothing less than an overhauled version of the MOTM-300 for Eurorack systems. The E300 Ultra VCO is a very stable sawtooth-core oscillator which tracks over a wide range. It features linear and exponential FM, a sub-oscillator along the four standard waveforms: Sine, triangle, sawtooth and pulse with PWM. The newly designed triangle waveshaper allows for glitchless triangle and sine waveforms. Additionally the module has an improved Sync input for clean sync-sounds.

This is what the E300 has to offer:

  • Analog oscillator with excellent pitch tracking
  • Coarse and fine tune potentiometers
  • Waveforms: Sine, triangle, saw and pulse
  • PWM knob and CV input
  • Two FM inputs with attenuators. One of them features a switch for choosing between linear and exponential behavior.
  • Sub oscillator, which lies one or two octaves below the main VCO.
  • Sync input

Power consumption: 55mA at +12 V and 40mA at -12 V

Depth: 32mm

HP : 14

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  • STE300s



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