Misc. Doepfer A-100SM Service Manual German

€ 350
  • Service Manual

E-RM modular whip

Misc. E-RM modular whip

€ 19
  • Breakout adapter to use E-RM masterclocks with a modular synth.

Misc. Kenton 8pin Jones – 3×3.5mm f. EMS synth 3m

€ 59
  • This special cable allows for connecting your Kenton MIDI/CV interface to your EMS synthesizer by only one cable!
Kenton D-Sync

Misc. Kenton D-Sync

€ 99
  • Bi-directional MIDI-clock / DIN Sync converter

Misc. Kenton SYNC-5

€ 69
  • High quality Kenton Active DIN Sync Splitter box

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