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In the following list you will find current informations about the availability of our products: 

Brand Product Current info (subject to change)

Black Corporation


no date or price


Easel Command

4th quarter 2021/first quarter 2022


Easel in suitcase

no date or price

Miso Modular


November (2021)

Haken Audio

EaganMatrix Modules

production starts in October




1U modules


Neuzeit Instruments


no date, but preorders open

UDO Audio

Super 6 Desktop

later this year, preorders open

Meng Qi

Wingie Mk2

no date, but preorders open



We are pleased to announce that we are adding the Mayer-EMI brand to our distribution.

Soon the modules M800-R2 and M701 as well as the desktop synthesizer MD900 will be available from us. 

The MD900 desktop synth is 16-voice and stereo with two oscillators per voice. Four multitimbral parts are available, which dynamically share the 16 voices. Both oscillators of the Linux-based system can either work virtually analogue or be loaded with wavetables and can be sound-shaped and modulated by means of two multimode filters, three envelopes per oscillator, LFS and a modulation matrix with 24 slots. In addition, an extensive effects section provides sound refinement.

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