SNDs device ACME4 is a professional control center system for musical synchronisation signals. The abbreviation ACME stands for "Advanced Clock Management Engine".


Queen Of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles from is a complex 7 voice analog drum/percussive synthesizer module based around:

  • 3 analog discrete TR-909 circuits with advanced noise spectrum animation
  • 4 zero latency microSD card sample players – including a set of freshly recorded samples for modern electronic music using handcrafted Paiste 602 15” and 18” cymbals
  • Effect processor as found in famous Grand Terminal/Milky Way/Blck_Noir

The new Queen of Pentacles covers the range of Dance/EDM/Techno music styles and is inspired by the famous TR-909. did it in a smart way.

The module offers seven drum sounds. Three drums are analog – bass drum, snare drum and clap. The other four drums are sample-based. Just .wav files playback directly from a microSD card with additional volume envelope, decay and pitch control. Those are simple modifiers but help you to shape the sounds played as one-shots.

TouellSkouarn Strakal Silisiom

We are excited to announce a new product from the french company TouellSkouarn.

The Strakal Silisiom is an 8HP Fuzz module using russian NOS silicon transistors. Available at the end of September!


  • 2 Different Fuzz circuits sharing the same controls
  • Morphing between the 2 fuzz (cv controlled)
  • Russian Nos Silicon Transistors
  • All analog

Have a listen to this example with a Roland SH-101:

TouellSkouarn Strakal Silisiom

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