Flame - Chord Machine 2

Flame’s Chord Machine 2 comes equipped with a chord generator, an arpeggiator and a quantizer. The module generates tuned CV signals for up to five voices. You even don’t necessarily need an incoming CV to generate these output signals. You define a chord and an arpeggio based on internal note and tuning settings, these settings can be saved in lists that function as song lists or chord progressions, depending on how you use them. The arpeggiator output can alternatively be used as a very flexible quantizer. For a quantizer and chord generator module of this size it has a lot to offer. All in all, the module is very powerful, which also makes it complex – but it is worth taking the time exploring it!

The voices generated by the Chord Machine 2 can be spread over a range of eight octaves. 42 presets plus 16 user chords with up to four voices are available for musical experiments. Additionally, it is possible to choose between first, second and third inversion. All in all, musicians get access to 232 chords, which are playable within 54 preset and 15 user scales. Transpositions can be done via a CV input. The arpeggiator can run in several directions. The octave range is variable as well. Program and arpeggiator parameters are not only editable by hand, but can be modulated via a CV input as well. For synchronizing the module to other equipment, there is a clock input.

Eowave - Weather Drones

The Eowave Weather Drones is an all in one drone voice for eurorack modular.

It features a triangle based digital oscillator and a lowpass filter. Furthermore it offers three modulation sources: LFO with square and triangle outputs, an AD envelope and slewed random noise. 

It can be self patched, or used with other eurorack modules via CV and trig inputs. 

A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter has been discontinued!

The Doepfer module A-175 has been discontinued.

Module A-175 (Dual Voltage Inverter) is exactly what it says it is: two identical inverters, which will take a voltage and output it in an inverted form - so that an input of +5 V will be output as -5 V, an input of -2 V will be output as +2 V, and so on. Two LEDs give a visual indication of the (positive or negative) output signal.

Sale while stocks last !

Animal Factory Amplification - Vivisect

Where's the joy in modular synthesis if you can't perform surgical operations on living, screaming electrical signals?

Vivisect is a deceptively simple module designed to attenuate, invert and sum four inputs to two outputs. Each input has its own output, and all channels are DC coupled.

An additional circuit gives you a separate offset between +/-5V from a precision DC reference. This offset can be switched in and out of the mix as required using the offset push-button. The mix output has a second output that is an inverted copy of itself. All outputs are independently operable. 

Last but not least, a white noise generator completely separate from the mixer circuit gives you about 10V of white noise to calm your nerves, confuse your pet or make hi-hats with.

As an added bonus, jumpers on the back of the module allow you to normalize Input 1 to any or all of the other three inputs. Using this, you can self-patch the module to create e.g. 4 channels of noise or offset.

Whether you're new to voltage surgery or a professional patcher, the Vivisect module is designed to be anaesthesia-free fun for the whole family!

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