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Synth Fest France 2019

Synth Fest France was a nice and very cozy event held by synth lovers for synth lovers and more specially for those who are the future synth lovers with a super social taste. Thanks to the whole team for your ambitious work!
Well prepared and organised it was a pleasure taking part. 
We did two workshops trying to break down modular to its essentials for easy understanding of the core principle - it’s all about fluctuating voltages and routing them to your own needs a.k.a. setting up a program.
Located in the rooms of a former girls school on a hill next to the shores of the mighty river Rhone. 
The city of Nantes itself has a rich history and offers a lot of interesting places from past to present. TFD Firmware update available!

Total Fucking Darkness is available!

Switch between two fx banks on Grand Terminal, Blck_Noir and upcoming Milky Way modules by simple TAP+TYPE press.

The firmware update is available for download for both modules:

2 banks consist in total of 16 high-quality effects - from huge ambiances to screaming distortion, compressor and audio looper, fitting various music styles from mainstream up to business techno.

New visitor record at Superbooth19

From Thursday to Saturday more than 7500 visitors came to the FEZ Berlin to celebrate electronic musical instruments and pretty much everything you can do with them. With that, SUPERBOOTH19 increased the previous record of last year. Even though nobody counted the newly introduced products, this number seems to be a record as well.

Organizer Andreas Schneider is pleased about the successful event and “especially about the fact that so many long-time companions were there again – Daniel Miller, Mark Ernestus, Dieter Doepfer, Dave Smith, Richie Hawtin. Also Mark Reeder, Matt Johnson from The The, and Ian Tregoning were there.” Well over 100 concerts and performances during three days, countless demonstrations by about 250 exhibitors and numerous workshops created a unique atmosphere in the FEZ Berlin and its outdoor area.

The weather was less sunny than last year, but the outdoor and exhibition area were still heavily frequented by visitors. After the first concert on the seaside stage on Thursday, the heaviest downpour was already over and there was a lot of music and celebrating.
Not only at the event itself there was music, but also on some of the boat shuttles that commuted between Berlin Mitte and FEZ. And the passengers had put on their dancing shoes while traveling on the river Spree – especially during the sets by Dr. Motte and CYRK.

Jean-Michel Jarre said on his first visit to Superbooth Berlin that anyone who had anything to do with synthesizers should come to Superbooth. “It’s absolutely amazing. It’s not just another fair – it’s an experience, a human experience, a musical experience, it’s flabbergasting!”

Doepfer Slim Line Series unveiled at the Superbooth 2019!

The legendary Dieter Doepfer, developer of the Eurorack format, presents the new Slim Line Series, eight new modules designed for applications where space is limited: A-111-6 Miniature Synthesizer Voice, A-118-2 Noise / Random / T&H / S&H, A-121-3 12dB Multimode Filter, A-130-2 Dual linear/exponential VCA, A-138n Narrow Mixer, A-138i Interrupting Mixer, A-145-4 Quad LFO, A-182-2 Quad Switches.

The modules are now in stock and we accept pre-orders!

Frap Tools - USTA Sequencer unveiled at Superbooth 2019!

USTA is a 4×4 tracks sequencer for voltages and gates with variable stage duration, designed to quickly see and edit multiple voltage relationships in real time.

“Variable stage duration” means that every single stage duration can be individually set in relation to the clock, instead of being constrained to a one-to-one ratio (i.e. one stage per every clock impulse).

“4×4 tracks” means that every stage can store and generate up to four separate voltages (two CVs and two gates), and that up to four independent stage sequences can be arranged into as many different tracks.

Its architecture is based on an array of 16 ‘Stages’ which form a ‘Pattern’; 16 patterns form a ‘Track’, and four tracks form a ‘Project’. Within each track, each stage can provide two gates and two CVs, and a wide set of options is available to define and modify the value of each output (‘Layers’) and the way it is played (‘Colors’).

Every Stage is related to a dedicated stepped encoder for quick and intuitive editing, and all the 16 encoders are arranged in an oval layout with a circular playhead. Every encoder is surrounded by a ring of 16 LEDs and a RGB led, to provide a visual feedback of the current setting of that step basing on the layer you are working on (like raw CV, quantized CV, length, gate…) and the way it should play depending on the RGB color.


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