Doepfer A-100 Basic Starter System P6 with PSU3

Doepfer A-100 Basic Starter System P6 with PSU3

The Starter System contains following modules:

  • A-190-4 MIDI / USB to CV / gate / sync interface
  • A-160 clock divider ... well, for dividing clock signals
  • A-110-2 basic analog VCO with 4 wave forms
  • A-118 noise generator / random generator
  • A-148 dual sample & hold generator
  • A-138c polarizing mixer with signal attenuation and inversion
  • A-106-5 12dB multi mode filter fro mthe Oberheim SEM
  • A-132-3 dual VCA with linear/exponential characteristic
  • A-180-2 multiples for splitting and routing signals
  • A-140 ADSR type envelope
  • A-171-2 complex function generator e.g. for modulating
  • A-147-2 LFO with voltage control of frequency and a delay function

6U-eurorack modular system with 2 rows of 84HP, filled with the A-100BS1 basic system, without MIDI

Article n°

  • A-100BSS1P6sw


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