AJH MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA Dark Edition

AJH MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA Dark Edition

The MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA is a dedicated audio mixer for the MiniMod range.

This 10HP wide mixer features five channels. Each channel has a bi-colour LED switch that can instantly mute or un-mute the channel, replicating the oscillator on/off switches on the original Model D.

In addition, a VCA is integrated, which can switched from linear to exponential - so it can be used as a voltage controlled sub mixer or as a VCA with five inputs. Like on the MiniMod VCA, the circuitry is based on the original Model D VCA which was a soft distortion unit as well as a VCA - but here it can be switched in or out using the Overdrive switch.

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