Animal Factory Module Vivisect

Animal Factory Module Vivisect
Vivisect is a compact module designed to attenuate, invert and sum four signals to two outputs. Each input has its own output, and all channels are DC coupled.
An additional circuit gives you a separate offset between +/-5V from a precision DC reference. This offset can be switched in and out of the mix as required using the offset pushbutton. The mix output has a second output that is an inverted copy of itself. All outputs are independently operable. 
Last but not least, the module offers white noise with approx. 10V on a separate output.
As an added bonus, jumpers on the back of the module allow you to normalize Input 1 to any or all of the other three inputs. Using this, you can self-patch the module to create e.g. 4 channels of noise or offset.

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