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Neuzeit Instruments Warp

Next-level synthesizer voice with a novel engine for additive wavetable synthesis 

Warp uses a novel hybrid engine that combines the best of additive and wavetable synthesis. With the integrated editor you can playfully draw your own frequency spectra like on a canvas into the colorful XY sound palette. Warp is a feature-rich powerhouse that lets you create all kinds of sounds, from glassy clean to crunchy crunch. Thanks to expressive macro tone controls, extreme morphs are possible in a single pot turn.  


  • 4 Voices à 2 oscillators using a hybrid additive-wavetable synth engine
  • Big knobs act as macro controls for underlying parameters and enable expressive Hands-On playability
  • Polyphonic with expander, monophonic as standalone unit
  • Usable as a full synth voice or as an oscillator module
  • Additive synthesis with 512 sine waves per oscillator = 4096 sine waves in total
  • XY sound space as a collection of 32x16 frequency spectra
  • Each voice travels independently across the XY space and uses the underlying spectra to synthesize a wavetable in real-time
  • Spectral FX are applied on the spectrum before a wavetable is generated
  • Wavetable FX are applied once the wavetable is generated, e.g. Wavefolder, PWM-Bend, Redux, Overdrive
  • Two Post-Filters per voice: 12/24dB Lowpass and Highpass with resonance control
  • Independent oscillator settings per voice, e.g. volume, pitch, stereo pan, detune, sync, X/Y position
  • Integrated modulation by 2x ADSR, 2x LFO with many waveforms
  • Modulation matrix view to see everything that is going on at once
  • Integrated editor for playful drawing of own frequency spectra
  • Algorithms for musically meaningful drawing of harmonics
  • Generation of frequency spectra from audio grains of audio files on the SD card
  • Import and export of wavetables as audio files from or for other synthesizers
  • Saving and recalling presets
  • Stereo out, 24 bit audio out, 32 bit internally
  • V/Oct and VCA inputs operate in audio range for AM/FM modulation

In the center of Warp’s control panel is a colorful XY LED matrix that represents the sound space from which Warp draws its sounds. This XY sound space consists of 32x16 frequency spectra. Each of Warp's four voices can move freely and independently across the XY space. It always uses the surrounding frequency spectra to calculate a wavetable based on 512 sine waves in real time using additive synthesis. By changing the position, wicked wavetable sounds are possible, playable with four voices and eight oscillators and navigable in two directions. An intuitive integrated editor allows playful modeling of your own frequency spectra.

With Warp's SPEC effects the frequency spectrum can be filtered and deformed in realtime before a wavetable is calculated. The wavetable can then be modified with WARP effects like wavefolder, PWM bend, overdrive and redux. The resulting wavetable serves as source for two oscillators per voice, which can be detuned and also synchronized to each other. Each voice is followed by a 12/24dB/octave high pass and low pass filter. 

Warp offers an integrated editor, with which you can playfully draw and modify your own frequency spectra. The XY-Sound Space is seen as a canvas on which you can draw your own frequency peaks. Several drawing algorithms are available as tools to edit single or a group of harmonics in a musically meaningful way. There is also the possibility to derive frequency spectra from audio samples from the SD card or to put whole wavetable audio files into the XY sound space. Likewise, the XY sound space can be exported to the SD card as a wavetable audio file of any length and bit depth, so Warp can also be used as an intuitive wavetable generator for other synthesizers.

Also on board are two internal ADSR envelopes and two LFOs, which can be routed to a variety of internal destinations using a modulation matrix. To keep the overview, all modulations are color-coded and are additionally visualized by pulsating LEDs in the modulation matrix view.

The module consists of high-quality and mechanically robust components, the back of the module and the expander are closed. Audio is output at 24 bit and 48 kHz, internally 32 bit and oversampling is used. On board is a precision voltage reference that allows Warp and WarpEx to calibrate themselves at the touch of a button. 

Scope of delivery:

Module, 3mm screws, 16-Pin to 10-Pin eurorack power cable, USB cable for firmware updates


Power consumption: 205mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V

Depth: 30mm

24 HP

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