TouellSkouarn Ar Merc'het Brao (Module)

TouellSkouarn Ar Merc'het Brao (Module)

The Ar Merc’het Brao module is comprised of two filters and two overdrives.

As usual at Touellskouarn it has a Breton name: Ar Merc’het Brao means "The pretty girls".

It can be used with a stereo signal or with two mono signals. The module is modular as well as guitar friendly.

The stereo output makes it ideal as an end-of-chain module.

The filters are resonant with a slope of -12dB. A switch allows to switch each filter from LowPass to HighPass. The filter cutoffs are voltage controlled thanks to dedicated CV inputs. Additionnaly the Ar Merc’het Brao features global controls for cutoff and resonance.

Both overdrive sections offer the classic and well known TouellSkouarn distortion sound.

Nice sound demos can be found here and here.


Power consumption: 20mA at +12 V and 20mA at -12 V

HP : 16


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