TouellSkouarn Koantenn Overdrive/Filter

TouellSkouarn Koantenn Overdrive/Filter

Koantenn is a versatile overdrive/resonant (LowPass/HighPass) filter pedal with CV input.

It offers a dedicated overdrive in front of the filter.
The input signal is not overdriving the input of the filter, the signal gets overdriven and then, it is going gently into the filter. Thus it is not sounding like the well known "filter overdrive" sound, but more like a polished and controllable overdrive followed by a clean filter.
The filter's cutoff is CV controllable using the 3,5mm jack input. This input can also be used with an expression pedal.

The filter can be switched from Lowpass to Highpass using the Tip switch. The Gounid potentiometer controls the input gain, and Ampled determines the output volume. Frekans controls the filter frequency and Dasson the resonance.

Made in France.

Power: 9-12V DC, 100 mA, Uses a 2.1 mm DC jack with negative center (Boss-style pedal standard power supply)

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