TouellSkouarn Mar Karit Tube Preamp Pedal

TouellSkouarn Mar Karit Tube Preamp Pedal

Mar Karit is a tube pedal preamplifier.

It contains 2 tubes, one NOS EF86 for the preamp section and one 6J1P (6ak5) for the buffer output. It is an all tube Preamp.

It runs on a 9V power supply (center positive) - and operate internally at 35volts. Furthermore, it produces a warm, rich, and full-bodied sound, and can capture both the softest and loudest sounds with great accuracy and clarity.

Pushed a little too far, it can produce pleasing harmonic distortions and warm saturations. The two volume knobs control the level of each stage.

  • All tube preamp
  • EF86 and 6J1P
  • High end components (Nichicon, Panasonic caps, Alpha pots and Switch, Rean Jacks...)
  • Made in France
  • True Bypass
  • 9V DC / input power supply positive tip
  • Stupid Breton name

Article n°

  • TSKpMK


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