TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask

TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask

The TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask is a dronegenerator, filter and abstract rhythm generator.

Three sawtooth VCOs/LFOs can be used as tone generators and modulation source for the cutoff frequency of a resonating low pass filter. Processing external audiosignals is possible, these can also be modulated with the three VCOs at the same time. While the three oscillators cannot be controlled with 1V/oct, there is still CV input which makes is possible to evolving textures and rhythms. Via the left switch the oscillators can be routed to modulate the filter, the right switch selects a frequency range (Hi/Lo), the potentiometer sets the frequency/"tuning". The filter of the TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask is a very nice dirty sounding 24dB low pass filter with resonance that can also be used without the three oscillators via the external input. The Skorn da Bask is great for creating chaos and random textures, slowly changing drones and abstract rhythms.

Power consumption: 25mA at +12 V and 10mA at -12 V

HP : 16

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