Vermona Modular fourMulator

Vermona Modular fourMulator

The fourMulator is a quad digital, voltage controllable LFO with Tap-Tempo and LFO synchronisation to an external clock. Synchronisation to an adjacent LFO is possible as well and gives you the possibility to shift the LFO´s phase.

The fourMulator contains four (digital) LFOs with following waveforms: rising and falling sawtooth, square, triangle, sine and random (S&H) and it works beyond this as a clock generator with tap-tempo function.

Each LFO can be free-running, synchronized to the master clock or synchronized to the preceding LFO. When synched to the clock the LFO can oscillate in a fraction or multiplicator of the clock. When synched to the preceding LFO you can shift it´s phase (and the start of the wave form) continuously up to 180°. Each LFO (called "modulator" in fourmulator language) has a reset input and CV input that always affects the function of the Speed/Phase control, either frequency, clock divisor, clock multiplier or phase. Each modulator has a wave form output and a trigger output that fires a trigger at each start of a waveform. Furthermore you´ll find a master reset input affecting all modulators that don´t use the individual reset input. The Trigger Sequence output carries the sum of all synchronised trigger impulses. By shifting the modulators´ phases you can generate rhythmical structures.

Power consumption: 120mA at +12 V and 10mA at -12 V

Depth: 25mm

HP : 34

Article n°

  • HDB4lfo


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