Vermona Modular tVCF-EXTENSION

Vermona Modular tVCF-EXTENSION

The tVCF-Extension adds separate outputs for high-pass, band-pass and low-pass circuits to the Vermona TwinVCFilter.

On top of that, the module makes a notch characteristic accessible.

While the TwinVCFilter is running in serial mode, the outputs of the second channel emit signals which were processed by both filters.

Furthermore, the tVCF-Extension comes equipped with two CV stages. Each features a control voltage input, a polarizer and an output. By pressing a button, users can route CV signals directly to the TwinVCFilter’s cutoff parameters. As long as no cables are plugged into the inputs, the circuits themselves generate control voltages in the range of -5 V to +5 V.


- Per filter expander:
Highpass, bandpass, lowpass and notch outputs

- Per CV stage:
Input and output


Depth: 30mm

HP : 10

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