Flame Dual Key

Flame Dual Key

The Flame "DUALKEY” module is a small pingable trigger envelope module, designed for small mobile euro racks.

There are two channels with following functions:

  • SHAPE: voltage controllable AR-envelope (release phase channel 1=logarihtmic 2=linear)
  • TIME: voltage controllable time of the AR envelope
  • LEVEL: set the output voltage of the AR envelope
  • END-OUT: trigger output of the end of the envelope circle (like a trigger delay)
  • KEY-OUT: trigger/gate output of the key
  • KEY-IN: trigger input for pingable envelope There are three play modes:
  • SHOT: one shot of the envelope
  • GATE: hold on the envelope after the release phase
  • LOOP: the envelope play in loop (like a lfo) while hold down the key
HP : 10


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  • FLDK


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