Flame - QSlider Quad Control Voltage Source

The Flame QSlider is an analog CV source with four 60 mm faders.

The control range of the four sliders can be set with two min/max controls. The Min control sets the output voltage at zero position of the slider and the Max control sets the output voltage at the end position of the slider. This allows you to limit the control range and still have the full control range of the slider available.

At a second output socket the inverted voltage is available (Min and Max are reversed). So the slider can also be used as a crossmix fader. The output sockets are located on an extra 4HP panel for mounting at any place (with approx. 40cm long connection cable). This way several modules can be mounted seamlessly next to each other.

In this video the QSlider controls various parameters, among others the pitch of the Doepfer A-111-4 Quad VCO and cutoff frequencies of the Eowave Fluctuations Magnétiques (Quad multimode filter).

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