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Forget about the computer! Integrate the expressive capabilities of Wave directly into your modular workflow with Wavefront, the Eurorack compatible receiver for Wave. Use subtle gestures to add vibrato to your favorite lead synth module, or use more visible gestures while performing. The buttons are great for triggering sequences while the tap lets you interact with percussive modules in a completely new way. Drumming on a table has never been as fun!

A layer of creative control

Wave is the ring that allows musicians to easily control sound, shape effects and send commands with the motion of their hands. Wave initially caught the eye when an early prototype was debuted at the 2018 NAMM Show. Wavefront, a Eurorack receiver for Wave that allows the ring to integrate seamlessly into a modular setup was debuted at Superbooth 2018.

Wave and Wavefront were fully crowdfunded within 24 hours in the spring of 2018 and have been used by multiple artists live, most notably by Bergur Þórisson on stage with Björk on her recent Utopia tour.

This month, the first batch of Wave and Wavefront shipped all over the world to everyone who either supported Genki Instrument's crowdfunding campaign or pre-ordered the products. Wave and Wavefront will start shipping commercially from September onwards.

Using Wave

Users can use Wave with Softwave, a software layer that allows users to intuitively map movements to MIDI messages or host AU/VST3 plugins and create their own presets. Softwave comes for free with every Wave and has a built-in synthesizer engine so users can start playing right away.

With the purchase of Wave users also receive access to Native Instrument's Reaktor Blocks which includes Waveblock. Waveblock connects Wave instantly to Blocks and allows users to combine Wave out of the box with Reaktor's powerful synthesis engine.

Wave also works as a stand alone MIDI controller that connects to your DAW.

Finally, Wavefront is the Eurorack receiver for Wave that allows Wave to connect to modular synthesizers. With Wavefront you can completely bypass the computer and bring unprecedented sound control, effect shaping and manipulation to modular setups.


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