Supercritical Synthesizers - Neutron Flux

The Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux is an innovative stereo filter.

It features an analog core and digital control over it, which allows the core to be shaped almost endlessly, taking on the character of almost any classic filter. This gives the filter the ability to explore sounds that have never been heard before!

The Neutron Flux can be used to filter stereo sound sources such as drum machines or VA synths and add some serious drive! It is possible to change the filter slopes of each character (Fat, Crisp, Liquid, Sour and Mean) on the fly, allowing for very complex filter sweeps.

In this video we also paired the Neutron Flux with the Demon Core Oscillator and Demon Expander to create a complete monophonic or polyphonic stereo synth voice!

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