UDO Audio Super Gemini white

UDO Audio Super Gemini white

The Super Gemini is a 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog-hybrid synthesizer. Employing an unprecedented dual-layer design, the Super Gemini gifts you with immediate comprehensive control over both timbral layers — allowing you to tweak, mold and bend your performances on a synth with unparalleled sonic possibilities.

The binaural synthesis feature provides users with 20 voices divided into 10 "supervoices," resulting in a warm and analog tone as each channel is assigned a distinct synthesizer voice. The combination of a 61-note polyphonic aftertouch keybed and an added ribbon strip allows the creation of exceptionally expressive and captivating sounds.


  • 20-voice polyphonic (10-voice for binaural use)
  • 61 semi-weighted keys with polyphonic aftertouch
  • 256 performance and patch slots
  • 64 interchangeable waveforms and 16 sequences
  • Made out of aluminum and steel
  • Duality in Control

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