Vermona Modular Amplinuator 3

Vermona Modular Amplinuator 3

Regardless of the size of your modular system, the number of modules it contains and its intended use, there is basically only one thing at stake: level adjustments. Often the full level of a signal is too high and needs to be attenuated. Also the reverse case, that it is too low, occurs more often than you think - an amplifier is needed.

Amplinuator 3 cleverly combines both functions. The LEVEL controls attenuate input signals to zero (left stop) or boost them by a factor of two (right stop). In the center position, the levels remain unchanged. In order to ensure sensitive settings in the center position range, we deliberately omitted the use of a potentiometer with center detent. Instead, the knob has a dead zone. This guarantees a reliable finding of the zero position. Each of the three channels has outputs with positive and inverted polarity.

The sum section combines all signals. Amplinuator 3 also works as a 3-in-1 mixer. It likes audio signals and control voltages equally.

Amplinuator 3 is a sophisticated helper in best Vermona quality.

Power consumption: 50mA at +12 V and 50mA at -12 V

Depth: 30mm

HP : 10

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  • HDBA3


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