Vermona presents new modules for mixing!

We are happy to announce the availability of two new modules from the German manufacturer Vermona: Amplinuator 3 and ∑42.

Both modules are designed for mixing duties in Eurorack and to keep your levels under control.

Regardless of the size of your modular system, the number of modules it contains and its intended use, there is basically only one thing at stake: level adjustments. Often the full level of a signal is too high and needs to be attenuated. Also the reverse case, that it is too low, occurs more often than you think - an amplifier is needed.

Amplinuator 3 cleverly combines both functions. The LEVEL controls attenuate input signals to zero (left stop) or boost them by a factor of two (right stop). In the center position, the levels remain unchanged. In order to ensure sensitive settings in the center position range, we deliberately omitted the use of a potentiometer with center detent. Instead, the knob has a dead zone. This guarantees a reliable finding of the zero position. Each of the three channels has outputs with positive and inverted polarity.

The sum section combines all signals. Amplinuator 3 also works as a 3-in-1 mixer. It likes audio signals and control voltages equally.

Even with small patches with only a few modules, you usually have to combine individual signals into a single sum: You need one mixer, maybe two, and preferably as small as possible.

With the ∑42 (pronounced: SUM 42) Vermona present a compact yet versatile Eurorack mixer. You can use it as two 4-in-1 or one 8-in-1 mixers. It can process both audio signals and control voltages.

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