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WMD C4RBN Advanced 4 Pole MMF


C4RBN is a 4/2-pole state variable filter with input saturation, output wavefolding and more. It offers a wide range of characters, from nice and clean filter sounds to screaming, squeaky, sounds.

An innovative input saturation circuit and the output wavefolder of WMD's classic SYNCHRODYNE filter bring great sonic flexibility.


  • 3 independent 2 pole outputs for High Pass, Low Pass, and Bandpass 
  • Inverting Attenuator (attenuverter) for FM allows for positive and negative CV control over the cutoff frequency
  • Independent 4 Pole output with switchable frequency response
  • Input Saturation with 3 switchable levels and CV input for additional fine control
  • PING circuit generates a fast decay envelope emulating the response of a vactrol
  • Output wavefolder for extra bite and screaming character 
  • Resonance with self oscillation
  • Temperature compensated 1V/Oct tracking.
  • Performance focused control scheme allows for on-the-fly changes of filter types with intention


Power consumption: 92mA at +12V and 82mA at -12V

Depth: 38mm

4 HP

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