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Crucible is a drum module that specializes in metallic sounds and cymbals and tries to recreate them as realistically as possible.

By using classic digital synthesis blocks such as delay and digital filters, Crucible can synthesise sounds in real time that resemble thinly struck pieces of metal.

Size, Pitch, Tone and Deform give the user the parameters to shape their cymbal as they wish. The Excite control allows the user to change their attack, completely altering Crucible's response. Finally, you can choose where the exciter touches the engine by triggering the EDGE and MID inputs, or trigger both to strike the "bell".

All of this adds up to a lively and dynamic module that completely mimics the feel of playing a real cymbal.


  • Realistic sound!
  • Position-dependent trigger input. Strike the rim, the centre or the bell of the cymbal.
  • 3 model types: Cymbal, Cracked Cymbal and Curved Plate
  • Audio input for experimental effects
  • Separate pitch and size controls for maximum realism
  • Choke input for perfectly timed hits
  • Proprietary synthesis model with digital filters and delays


Power consumption: 63mA at +12V and 17mA at -12V

Depth: 38mm

8 HP

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