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WMD Subway

Subway is a scanning crossfader with 8 inputs and 1 output.

The eight inputs can be used for control voltages as well as audio signals. A potentiometer or CV can be used to mix between the individual sources. Each of the inputs also has a manual on/off switch.

Application examples

  • complex modulations
  • Waveform selector for oscillators or noise
  • Morphing waveforms from wavetables
  • Switching between different envelopes


  • Scan knob - master control over which input goes to the output. The knob is shifted when a CV is applied to the scan CV input.
  • Enable switch - Controls which input is active. When the LED is off, the input is removed from the output selection. A dim LED means the input is active but not yet selected. Bright LED means that the input is currently being sent to the output.
  • Curves: Subway has three different curves if you hold down keys 1-3 when switching on and then release them. Button 1 sets a linear curve, button 2 sets an exponential curve and button 3 sets a steady curve.


Power consumption: 80mA at +12V and 22mA at -12V

Depth: 38mm

6 HP

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